Food Safety Consultancy

As a consultancy in food safety, we make every effort to understand and answer your needs relating to the sector.

Food legislation demands high levels of specialization, dedication and experience in the sector owing to its complexity and exigency.For this reason, and to prevent problems, any distributor, manufacturer or importer must have in place a food consultancy that advises and helps them in their processes.

LegaleGo Nutrition is a food safety consultancy comprised of from the legal sphere and of specialists in food quality control and safety. We take care to protect the products and reinforce the safety protocols in order to offer the best service to our clients.

Aiming to provide an integral advisory service for businesses, as part of our food safety consultancy services we provide legal, technical and strategic advice.

Legal food safety consultancy

With regard to legal food safety consultancy, we take care of all formalities for

  • Food Safety Registry (RGSEAA):
    • It is important to know which are the company’s activities and services so that it is correctly registered in the corresponding activity and class.
    • In general terms, food supplement businesses have to register in class 26 on food supplements and in class 40 as polyvalent if they sell bars, oats, etc.
  • Health inspections are increasingly frequent and more and more often analyze whether the label is correct.
  • Queries on food safety and quality. While many businesses have their own quality department, they have many doubts and queries when it comes to drafting formulations on compositions, quantities, new foods, etc. Questions which, through our team and in collaboration with our quality department, we will resolve in the shortest possible time.
  • Communication on legislative novelties. Every day we have new rules that expand or modify what we already have. To keep up to date on all the novelties in legislation on food supplements is crucial in any company’s normal operation.
  • Notification of placing food supplements on the market. The lack of notification of food supplements is increasingly being penalized by inspections.The process is complex, since it will be necessary to notify a certificate of free sale from another European Union country. As lawyers and technicians specializing in food consultancy on food supplements, we work with most European Union countries (France, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, etc.)
  • Drafting of notices and appeals for submission to health authorities, etc.This is one of our greatest values, as we have a team of lawyers specializing in food legislation. When faced with an inspection or audit, and given the abuses perpetrated by the Administration, it is important to set legal limits through a judicial service. LegaleGo Nutrition has wide-ranging experience in assisting our clients during the inspections and audits conducted by health officials.

Our only goal is for both the company and for the products it manufactures or sells to comply with all legal requirements. We monitor the process through to its ultimate achievement and remain in permanent contact with the Administration and health inspection bodies. We resolve any incident that may arise during the process.

Technical sphere

We also provide technical advice in food consultancy based on

  • Consultations on new substances and product composition,
  • Review and adaptation of technical data sheets,
  • Advice on nutrition information and drafting of Self-Monitoring and Hygiene Plans,
  • Putting self-monitoring systems in place.

Strategic sphere

Likewise, we provide a strategic service consisting of

  • Registration and declaration of packaging management (Ecoembes),
  • Registration of trade names and brands,
  • Search and selection of product manufacturers,
  • Registration of trade names and brands,
  • Label design,
  • Formulation and development of bespoke products, etc.

Our team of professionals carries out its work rapidly and with close involvement as well as at highly competitive prices. The goal of our food safety consultancy is to undertake all legal and technical actions to meet all the requirements imposed by health authorities.