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About us

Food ConsultancyFood consultancy

LegaleGo Consultoría Alimentaria was founded more than 7 years ago to meet the needs of sports nutrition manufacturers and distributors. At the start, a team of lawyers ensured that it provided security in an unstable sphere that was undergoing continuous regulatory changes in food supplements and special foodstuffs.

Over time, the requirement of providing a better and comprehensive service led to incorporating a team of food technicians such as food technologists, chemists and nutritionists.
LegaleGo was founded in Granada and shortly thereafter opened offices in Jaén and Madrid to provide a better and closer service. We provide a close service in food consultancy.

The way we work

We are in contact via email, telephone or skype and analyze the situation of your business and your needs.

We sign a confidentiality agreement to protect all your rights.

We analyze your documentation, draft an estimate, determine our fees and delivery times.

Once the estimate is accepted, we start working on all fronts in accordance with the agreed timescales.

Once the work is completed, our quality department follows up on everything we have undertaken.


Attitude, motivation and commitment

África Gallego Castilla

General Manager. Director of Food Consultancy Area.

[email protected]

Sergio Oya Valverde

General Manager. Food legislation lawyer

[email protected]

Noelia Salmerón Lozano


[email protected]

Elisabeth Vallejo Valle

Quality control technician. Food technologist

[email protected]

Luis Rodríguez Palanco

Lawyer specializing in brands

[email protected]

Nieves Gómez López

Food technologist

[email protected]

Natalia Oliva Blanco

Administrative managements and operations

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Vanessa Cruz Romero

Food technologist

[email protected]