Find out about all our comprehensive food consultancy services to ensure the quality of the products. We advise businesses in the Food Industry in multiple fields. We have a large multidisciplinary team, with legal, technical and strategic consultancy.

We are by and for you
  • Analysis of formulas and products to see how they can be marketed.

  • Resolving queries on food safety and quality.

  • Drafting of notes and reports on any food safety and quality issue.

  • Notification of alerts on products and substances.

  • Advice on health inspections.

  • Drafting of notices and appeals against the health authorities, etc.

  • Drafting / Reviewing / Translating food labels.

  • Notification of food and diet supplements.

  • Registration and processing in the General Food Safety Registry of Food Businesses and Foodstuffs (RGSEAA).

  • Drafting Reports and Self-Monitoring Systems (APPC).

  • Self-Monitoring Systems (APPC).

  • Application for National Parapharmacies Code.

  • Application for certificates of free sale and exportation.

  • Legal defense of brands and denominations.

  • Registration of brands and trade names.

  • Advice on and appeals against administrative sanctions.

  • Claiming for compensation from the Administration.


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